Thursday, August 18, 2011

Milo Little Olympics

The Milo Little Olympics NCR Leg opens this weekend at the Marikina Sports Park, Marikina City.  The olympics has twelve events: athletics, football, swimming, volleyball, badminton, chess, gymnastics, lawn tennis, table tennis, taekwondo and scrabble.

The National Milo Little Olympics is happening in Lingayen, Pangasinan on November this year. Grassroots development has always been a key program of Milo and finally, the public sector is learning from the private sector.

You want to find out how it all began? Read the History of Milo Olympics below:

The Little Olympics for Big Dreams

In the hearts of little champions, big dreams are waiting to come to life. Back then, these dreams partially comes to life in small town tournaments, local inter-school leagues and even informal street competition amongst friends. In the true spirit of building champions in life, MILO® saw the growing need for these little champions’ big dreams to come front and center.

In 1988, MILO® launched the MILO® Little Olympics in Manila. The league held competitions in 11 sports namely - athletics, badminton, chess, football, gymnastics, lawn tennis, sepak takraw, swimming, table tennis, taekwondo and volleyball. And though the league was initially based in Manila, many little champions savored the taste of what it is like to have their dream of playing in a big stage come true. That is why in 1996, the MILO® Little Olympics was also held in Cebu. And expanded to Cagayan de Oro in 1997 and in Pangasinan in 1998. In the short span of time, MILO® has successfully provided a sporting event that little champions look forward to other than Palarong Pambansa and as well as other major sporting events in the south.

After years of successfully mounting regional games, the MILO® Little Olympics finally went nationwide with the first ever National Finals held in Cebu City on October 23, 2009. With the Queen City of the South serving as host, little champions from all over the nation came and competed for glory. Thousands of little champions got to play, thousands of big dreams came true. The MILO® Little Olympics is now the premiere nationwide junior interschool league for elementary and highschool student-athletes. Little champions nationwide can now show their excellence in sports, their drive, determination, discipline and other champion’s values to their peers throughout the nation. This kind of exposure teaches them to be champions not just in sports but in life as well.

In its 20 years as an inter-regional league and three years as a premiere annual national sports meet, the MILO® Little Olympics has produced and discovered little champions that have donned the country’s colors. Little champions with big achievements in international leagues like the South East Asian Games, World Youth Cup and the Asian Junior Track meet.

Great things truly start from small beginnings. It began with the need for little champions to have a place where their big dreams will come true. Now, the MILO® Little Olympics, with the help of the little champions, parents, coaches and organizers, has now become one of the most recognizable and sought-after league. A sporting event where every game and every match helps build champions in sports and in life.

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