Monday, January 2, 2012

Wesley Chess Cafe

An ad I saw on the fourth floor of The Robinson's Place-Imus:

Wesley Chess Cafe'

To Open 

January 7, 2012

4:30 P.M.

It would be interesting to see how this Cafe' will fare business-wise. In this day and age when the high cost of fuel raises every commodity's prices in the market, will there be a willing bloke to spend on chess and  coffee?

I had a very nice discussion with my wife about the pros and cons of running a business with chess as the main source of income.

70% of Filipinos are jobless and playing chess will take their time away from any opportunity to find the job that will put food on the table and pay the rent for their shelter. On top of these socio-economic factors, we also have to consider the overhead expenses of running a chess club in the guise of a coffee shop. Rental fees for the chessboard and chess clocks, space fee and of course the income called "pusta" or bet for the player. 

With all the online chess sites available for free like ChessCube and Free Internet Chess Server, is there really a need for a chess cafe'?

Is GM Wesley So behind this business?

If not, did he allow the Cafe owner to use his name? But then, Wesley could just anybody. Wesley Snipes, Wesley Sharma, Wesley de Guzman, Wesley Francisco and Wesley Sosa.  I remember someone having said the line "No one can own words, you cannot tell me what to say and what not to say. You don't tell me which words I can and cannot use."

Maybe a baranggay resident is behind this business venture or a big fan of Wesley hoping to cash in on the already fading popularity of chess in the Philippines.

I wish this Cafe will make it through. No matter what, this is a good move for the game. Good luck!

If you are in Imus on the seventh of January, do drop by and play a couple of games at the Cafe', chess and coffee is a good combination for the hyperactive mind.


  1. I dropped by the same cafe a few hours ago. Some teenager with a cap looked like Wesley but I am not sure if its him. I am not familiar with athletes and I just had to check the credibility of the establishment. I have been looking for chess trainers in the area because the school keeps on holding a chess tournament but no training is offered. I find that kids learning chess electronically just don't have the patience and old school of having a person to compete with in the game is still the best. I hope the business grows.

  2. Hi there! From which school is your child connected? If your dead serious on having your child trained in the game, you may contact FIDE Trainer Norlito Bersamina. He is the father/coach/trainer of FIDE Master Paulo Bersamina and currently is the Resident Trainer of MERALCO Chess Club.

  3. How can I contact him? I am not sure if I should post my number or email here. It turns out that the kid I saw does compete but he is not Wesley. He is the son of the lady at the counter. I do hope he resides near Cavite.

    I am serious but I guess I should talk to Master Paulo regarding rates and schedules. Thank you.


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