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Chess Players in the 87th NCAA Season

The chess tournament in the 87th season of the NCAA is in full swing and is in its 9th round of the first round of the double elimination. I had the time to chat with college chess coach whom I worked with in the 84th season and was dumbfounded to hear stories about some players. The whole world believes that chess is a game of wits and intelligence but let me share this stupid secret: chess is not a good gauge of intelligence.

Fact is, a lot of chess players starting at a very young age chooses the life of a professional player and with this, they tend to take academic tasks and requirements lightly. And because chess has its innate characteristic of pulling one's mind to focus and concentrate, the player misses the chance of making it good in other areas of life, thus a poor academic performance.

Chess intelligence is not a measurement of academic intelligence, maybe part of it but not the whole of it. I am guilty of writing posts here promoting the game as a good part of academic training but if you do not balance your time correctly, you will really make it bad in the real life.

We don't need to look far guys, here in the Philippines we have confirmed stories about this. High school drop-outs, college drop-outs and what's worst, the parents are in fact allowing these things to happen in the name of chess.

So if you are reading this and know of someone to be falling into that chess trap, remind him or her that there is life outside of chess and its worth looking into other aspects of life. One story is that there's this player with  his parents asking for sponsorship to play in tournaments overseas. The sponsors were willing to help and are able to help, on one condition: the player must go back to school. The player-parents could not give into the request. Talk about priority.

Anyways, try to remember the names of these kids and add them to your prayers that they may finish their college courses with the help of chess. Remember, chess is suppose to make a player a better person.

Here is the official lineup of players from the nine schools participating in the Chess Tournament of the 87th NCAA Season:
Arellano University

Canape, Ynna Sophia C.
Caranyagan, Carlo R.
Garcia, Edil Gester T.
Llantada, Kyz D.
Madrid, Adrian D.
Viernes, Tucker Howard Elstiene


Arquero, kevin E.
Bautista, Vangielyn H.
De Leon, John Kristofferson M.
Geron, Christian Paul C.
Gutierez, Jaymarc G.
Ravago, Jeffrey O.

Colegio de San Juan de Letran

Baltazar, Melwyn Kenneth A.
Cabida, Christian Dave B.
Drapete, Christian Ray E.
Fuerte, Mary Jocye T.
Marquez, Ivan Czar DJ.


Acoba, Kerby A.
Biag, Ivan Gil C.
Datu, Nino D.
Lising, Jesus Benjamin M.
Piccio, John Isaac T.

Jose Rizal University

Agus jr., Gaudioso E.
Castaloni, Keith Cerwin Q.
Golez, Ulysses M.
Pasia, Jaynel C.
Torres, Jefferson G.
Valerio, Kenneth Christian P.


Alberca,Leonard Q.
Bernardo, Caruncho U.
Grana, Ryann Paul R.
Usi, Argel R.
Vitorio, Denice Ruby P.
Yap, Raymart E.

San Beda College

Domingo, Andrew C.
Quiniquini, Nicolai Paul M.
Salazar, John Paul M.
Simbulan, Benedict John I.


Austria, John Paul V.
Castro, Juan Claudio S.
Chua, Ian Ferdinand C.
Cruz, Jared B. 
Flores, Jerome D.
Rante, Kareen Anna B.

University of Perpetual System Dalta

De Guzman, Alvin S.
Garcia, Daryll James M.
Garcia, Shanel Chloe C.
Isanan, Nathaniel S.
Manero, Marc Angelo J.


Alconcher, Jenwin A.
Bagaipo, Jean Paul A.
Dantes, Aurora Kim E.
De Jesus, Justine Nicole M.
Melicano, Kris Angelique T.
Monera, Aristotle S.

College of Saint Benilde

Cabugao, Earl Nathaniel G.
De Leon, Luke Matthew D.
Mejia, Giovanni P.
Mendonez, Alexander Jude B.
Nuestro, Angelo Ezekiel P.
Ramos, Alfonso Baldomero R.


Abucejo, Jesse O.
Alfonso, Avhix C.
Cajeras, Jerich D.
Pimentel, Joel Jr. A.
Reyes, Narquingden DC.
Reyes, Narquingel DC.

Emilio Aguinaldo College

Andres, Clinton Paulo V.
Andres, Karl Vincent Kasparob V.
Falagne, Kim Patrick .
Lalas, Genten L.
Puno, Josue Rameses P.
Saquilayan, Drexter M.


Bamba, Rainer John S.
Esteebar, Angelo G.
Molina, Macwaine A.
Salcedo, Brylles
Tan, Brylle Genio B.

Mapua Institute of Technology

Arcelao, John Aldreen A.
Dimaapi, Laineer Alken A.
De Leon, Nathaniel Marco G.
Estores, Kenny Jade M.
Gaspar, Mary Lara Shane G.
Pasol, Stephen Elijah G.


Aquino, Prince Mark D.
Ballesteros, Carlo E.
Fulcher, Steaven Crenz A.
Ligon, Francis N.
Mojar, David M.
Pelayo, Ergin Nigel N.

San Sebastian College-Recoletos

Bonifacio, Anfernee T.
Coronel, Aldous Roy V.
Cristobal Kristian Paolo V.
Cunanan, Homel Aristotle A.
Floro, Ralph Jordan S.
Samonte, Eugene M.


Jongko, Arvie B.
Maribao, Alexis Emil F.
Mercado, Jayson V.
Salvador, Louie D.
Teves, Steven s Arnold C.
Valenzuela, Nigel Keruvin V.

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