Tuesday, October 16, 2007

NCFP site, hacked?

Hey there!

For the past couple of days, I've been trying to visit our very own NCFP website but I am directed to a suspicious, revenue generating adsite with the National Chess Federation of the Philippines wordings all over.

If there's anything to be grateful about, there's this beautiful smiling female blonde greeting an unsuspecting chess addict!

Calling NCFP!


  1. That website just got more interesting.

  2. That female blonde is the next filipina women's grandmaster.
    She was imported like the athletes in basketball, swimming and tennis.

    Those athletes have 50% filipino blood even if some are cheating, they still look like filipinos.

    Maybe this blonde woman has a 0.01%
    filipina blood.

  3. Actually ncfphilippines.org was not hacked. The registration of the domain ncfphilippines.org expired last 12th of Oct. It is a common practice to substitute the expired domain with a commercial site. I believed the problem here is how to restore back the original web site. There can be complication and money is involved... Happily ncfphilippines.org has extended its registration until 12 oct 2008 as shown on "WHOIS"
    - Robert A.(sydney,Aus)

  4. ahh but the ncfp site has a pretty face compared to the boring ugly old politicos pics in this blog.. :)

    just kidding kiko.


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