Sunday, February 12, 2012

Casimero KOs Lazarte for IBF Jr Flyweight

After this bout, boxing organizations and promoters must never consider Argentina as a place to hold international boxing matches. Argentinians are backwards, barbaric and has a lot of learning to do when it comes to boxing and sports in general.

Good thing our very own, Johreil Casimero held on and bravely fought amidst Lizarte's dirty tactics and the referee's unprofessional handling of the boxing match to capture the vacant IBF Junior Flyweight Championship.

Empty bottles and chairs were thrown into the ring right before the stupid referee declared Filipino boxer Johreil Casimero the winner of the bout. Fans even punched members of the Casimero team when they rushed into the ring.

Argentina, such a bad place to be!

Truly, cheaters never last or for the matter, never win!

Here is the video which highlights all the stupidity Luis Lazarte and the crazy crowd in Argentina:


  1. shame to argentina..they are truly barbaric in nature like irrational dogs at the street..

    1. Very Much said...This kind of people dont need to be respected...they don't know what is the real sports!

  2. Lizarte is an old dog and Argentinians are plain barbaric. Do note expect anything good from these cavemen.

  3. fuck you all argentinians!!!!!! you are all animals!!!!!


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