Thursday, August 18, 2011

Writing Conference in the Classroom

The education of of today is geared towards process over product. In chess, it is the thinking process that a trainer or coach must establish in his players before asking them to work on other advanced topic or lessons. It is the same thing teachers must work on with their students when it comes to writing skills. Process-oriented tasks help a lot in the development of the student's writing skills.

Here's something we can learn from:
Teachers have found that writer's workshops are effective in helping students master the principles of process writing in particular. "The term 'writer's workshop' refers to an environment conceived to encourage written expression." Because writing is difficult and risky, "children need to know that their environment is a predictable, safe place for them to take risks" (Bunce-Crim, 1991; cited in Bayer, 1999, p. 8).
On that note, let me share this simple script that teachers can use in the classroom. Remember the teacher's job is to study the writer to figure out how to help. The writer's job is to teach the teacher about ways you've figure how to write.
Teacher: What are you working on as a writer?

Student: I'm writing a personal narrative about ___________________________ (name your idea)

Teacher: What are you trying to do as a writer?

Student: I want to ___________________________________ (the goal you want to reach in your writing or challenges you are having as an author)

Teacher: What will you do today in your writing?

Student: I will _______________________________________ (name the strategy you will use to reach the goal or overcome the challenge)
This workshop can be implemented throughout the year and students write in their journal.

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