Saturday, July 30, 2011

Least Restrictive Environment 2nd Part

Hello there! We are now in the final part of our post regarding he least restrictive educational placements for children and learners with special educational needs. From our previous post, we dealt with the first five LRE's option for students starting from the least restrictive to the fifth level. Below is the sixth to the eleventh level of LRE:

6. Special Class Placement with Mainstreaming - This placement is for students who need a more restrictive setting for learning to take place. Factors that come into play in the learning process like behavioral and cognitive skills or lack of it are some of the things the special education team must look into. Mainstreaming here is also called as the "push-in".

7. Full-Time Special Class within a Regular School - This is a segregated scheme where students condition or present level of skills do not permit them to participate successfully in the regular class, even for part of the day. These are the students who require a very structured, closely monitored program on a daily basis. These are the students that can handle the rules and structure of a regular school building but not the freedom or style of a less restrictive environment.

8. Special Day School - Think about therapy centers with specialists working together on a specific type of ability or disability. The students in this setting require a more totally therapeutic environment and closer monitoring by specially trained professionals.

9. Residential Schools -   This is the next most restrictive setting. Not only students with disability and special needs receive their education within this setting but usually resides there for the term.The nature and length of home visits depend upon several factors.

10. Homebound Instruction - Homeschooling  due to various reasons: chronic illness, injury and so on. Most of the time, the parents are the ones providing the education part of the "learning" aspect of the student but for the therapeutic side, professionals come in and do the job.

11. Hospital or Institution - The most restrictive setting is used is a hospital or institutional setting. This maybe restrictive but for some it is the only choice.

To sum up our two-part post regarding the least restrictive educational placements for students with special educational needs, we have to keep in mind the following; the settings are not etched in stone, it is something that is normally looked into more than once in a year so that when the student is ready to move into another setting we do give it  go.

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