Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Least Restrictive Educational Placements

This post will be about the concept of Least Restrictive Environment which is also know as LRE. The idea behind LRE is simple, we want to place our student with Special Educational Needs in the most advantageous environment suitable for their needs. Although the SpEd literature is rich about LRE, it remains to be one of the most controversial aspect of decision-making for special education teachers and the special education team.

Below is the placements that follows the path from the least restrictive to most restrictive environment for students with special educational needs:

1. Regular Class Placement - This placement is the least restrictive for all non-special ed students. This placement without some type of support from specialists may not be suitable for a special educational needs student.

2. Regular Class Placement with Consulting Teacher Assistance - The student remains in the classroom and is receiving support services from the special education team. The special ed team feels that the child will be better served while remaining in the classroom. No "pull-outs" for the child in this setting.

3. Regular Class Placement with Some Supportive Services - This placement may be the choice for the highly functional student who need supportive services but can stay in within the regular classroom for the majority of the school day. Usually the services needed include adaptive physical education, speech and language therapy, in school individual or group counseling, physical therapy and occupational therapy.

4. Regular Class Placement with Specialist Assistance - One concrete example for this setting is the presence of an itenerant Teacher for the special needs student. The student has the capacity to learn within the classroom with his or her peers but with a shadow. This specialist monitors the student and as much as possible gives the student the leeway to interact with his or her classmates and teachers.

5. Regular Class Placement with Resource Room Assistance - Here is where the "pull-out" happens. The student spend about 51% or more of the time in the regular classroom. The support services are provided in another room.

Sorry but I need to go now but watch out for the next part. There will be six additional entries for the placements.

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