Sunday, July 31, 2011

Free Download: How Life Imitates Chess

I was surprised to receive an ebook  copy of Garry Kasparov's bestseller, How Life Imitates Chess this morning. Checked it out immediately and realized it was indeed a good output from the former world chess champion of 22 years.  The Grandmaster, in his long reign as a world champion faced more a lot of tough choices on and off the chessboard.

Strategic thinking is a powerful tool in real life and in whatever field of practice you may be in and Kasparov easily mixes wits with genius and came up with the book. 

I copied part of an interview given by Amazon to Garry Kasparov below: Playing chess competitively no doubt requires huge reserves of passion, patience, and discipline. For those readers who haven't experienced the kind of rigorous training that competitive chess imparts, can you recommend some good ways to practice strategic thinking?

Kasparov: We all do it every day, the difference is that it takes discipline to become aware of it. In the book I ask the reader to consider all the significant decisions they made that day, that week. You don't have to be a chess player or an executive to benefit from improving your decision- making process. We make hundreds of decisions just to get through each day. A handful are important enough to keep track of, to look back on critically. Were they successful? Why or why not? We can train ourselves, which is really the only way. 

Here is the Scribd format of the book:

How Life Imitates Chess

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