Monday, June 13, 2011

Philippine Independence 2011

Got back from Palawan the other day and I didn't have much time to compile all the videos and photo our group took from our trip. Instead, today I went to the Aguinaldo Shrine with my family and seized the chance to loiter within the compound and inside the Shrine.

We arrived there a little after lunchtime and soon learned that President Noy Aquino was there in the morning. We were kinda surprised when we arrived at the gate closed because the Shrine is always open for visitors but today was a special day so we had to wait for awhile.

Today's celebration is the 113th anniversary of the proclamation of the Philippine Independence in case you want to know.

Some bits of a trivia: the raising of the Philippine Flag took place between four to five in the afternoon, Sunday. And yes, The Aguinaldo's during that time were well-off much like these days so it's no surprise it has always been the people in the higher echelon of society who gets to position to get into position.

Well thank you for the pseudo-independence of the Philippines, need I explain?

There are so many reasons why almost everyone say we as a country is not really free or independent. We are chained to the helplessness caused by corruption in our society and this caused the government administration since the 1960's to borrow money from international organizations.

Anyways, before we went to the Shrine we first celebrated the Holy Eucharist and here's one thing that will always remind people of their spirituality:

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