Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Philippine Patient's Bill of Rights

It's mid-week and already I have visited two hospitals and gone through a series of diagnostic procedures to rule out herniated disc. In the last three months I have been experiencing back pains which is radiating to my lower right extremity.

The trend that I have been observing in the hospitals and clinics shows one thing: patients waiting forever for the doctors to arrive. Shit!!!

Imagine secretaries telling sick clients to wait for the doctor, either on his way or is in another clinic or hospital. These doctors would post and advertise their clinic hours on their doors and yet they will arrive an hour late and a lot of times even longer. I don't even see this practice to change in this lifetime of mine and no wonder a lot of us mortals view these paid professionals as having bloated ego even bordering on the belief that they are God.

I wish to give each of these doctors a copy of the movie Patch Adams, a slap on their face and a spit on their forgotten "Socratic Oath" to help alleviate suffering. I really wish Patch Adams include the Philippines in his yearly round the globe tour and remind the doctors practicing about his proven views and practices.

On the other hand, a lot of Filipinos still do not know their rights as a patient which is hinged on the Basic Human Rights as set forth and declared in the 1948 UN Declaration of Human Rights. For those of you who wishes to know, read on:      

Philippine Patient's Bill of Rights

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