Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Games of Wesley So in the AAI International Grandmasters Chess Tournament 2011 Part 1

GM Wesley So is playing in India's first ever Category 17 tournament, AAI International Grandmasters Chess Tournament 2011. This double-round tournament has six young grandmasters all of which are expected to be a mainstay in professional chess in the next years to come.

The line-up according to rating points: World Junior No. 1 , Italian Fabiano Caurana, Women's World Champion Hou Yifan of China,  World's second youngest ever grandmaster Parimarjan Negi of India, reigning World Open Champion Czech GM Viktor Laznicka, India's No. 2, GM K Sasikiran and our very own, Philippines No. 1 GM Wesley So.   

If your a Wesley So fan and will head over to the Official Website of the AAI International Grandmasters Chess Tournament 2011, you will notice that the Chieftain of Baranggay Wesley is not given the equal media exposure compared to the other participants.

I can see two ways to counter this injustice to our country is to post the games of Wesley So from the tournament. With the inactivity of Rustic Bull's blog, Chess Windows, I find it hard to get any timely and often first-hand news about Wesley So.

Oh before I forget, winning  the tournament for Wesley So sounds good in countering the injustice.       

Round 1: GM Wesley So (1) - GM Krishnan Sasikiran (0)

Round 2: GM Viktor Laznicka (1) - GM Wesley So (0)

Round 3: GM Wesley So (.5) - GM Parimarjan Negi (.5)

Round 4: GM Wesley So (.5) - GM Caruana Fabiano (.5)

Round 5: GM Yifan Hou (.5) - GM Wesley So (.5)

Round 6: GM Sasikiran Krishnan (.5) - Gm Wesley So (.5)

Round 7 is playing as of press time but we have the placings after 6 rounds. The six young grandmasters are neatly placed according to their ratings and seedings at the beginning of the tournament:

1. Fabiano Caruana
2. Viktor Laznicka
3. Krishnan Sasikiran
4. Wesley So
5. Parimarjan Negi
6. Yifan Hou

The table below was the standings after five rounds or le' me say after the first half of the tournament:

We'll find out more about the result of the last half of the tournament by July 2, the final round and closing ceremony.

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