Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Free Download: Mystical City of God

I have been searching the Internet for several years trying to look for the four-volume book Mystical City of God. Blessed Maria de Agreda wrote this gigantic work in the 17th century. The book discusses revelations about the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Divine plan for creation and the Salvation of men's souls. According to Blessed Maria Agreda, much of the content was dictated to her by the Blessed Virgin Mary.

This work has an unsual history in the Catholic Church, in that it has been banned and restored a number of times probably because of what critics call as "unusual claims". Maria de Agreda was declared Venerable soon after her death, and the process of beatification has not been completed since it was started in 1673.

Here is the book Mystical City of God:

Mystical City of God by Blessed Mary of Agreda

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