Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Holy Week 2012

The Lenten Season 2012 is at its peak this week and I've already set up the activities for the remaining days leading to Easter Sunday. Tomorrow, Holy Wednesday, I'll be doing the Visita Iglesia with my wife and our starting point will be the Imus Cathedral and we'll end in San Lorenzo Ruiz Church. We will try to visit and pray in fourteen churches and I will take the chance to take as much pictures as I can after each prayer and meditation.

The holy week is a good time to reflect ton our lives, loved ones, family members, friends, colleagues and activies, achievements, failures. This is also a perfect time to renew our relationships with God and Mother Earth. The holy week gives us this chance to be cleanse our minds and souls.

It has been a very successful and productive schoolyear for our children this year. Our eldest, Patricia, placed 5th in her SPED-Fast Learner Class over-all and she bagged the Leadership Award for her batch. This wouldn't be possible without Jesus and Mother Mary's guidance to our family. For Freedom, he is doing very well with the homeschooling and his piano lessons has given him the motivation to work on something he feels comfortable with. He found his niche! For Miguel, he won the Most Resourceful Student ahead of his batch and is raring to go through the homeschooling like his kuya Freedom. we were blessed last October 27 with another member of the Family, our daughter Fides Sophia. She pretty much takes the center stage and was welcomed by her siblings with open heart and curious minds. A totally blessed year for the whole family.

Here is a YouTube video that was uploaded by a former student who I have kept in touch with because I've taught her brother chess for a very long time now. Nicole has been studying piano for about eight years now and last April 1, Sunday, she decided to upload her piano performances on YouTube. Her YouTube Chanel is Pianoismylove47.

Almost everyone in her current school have requested a song for her to play on the piano and upload on YouTube. I've written my favorites and so far, she has agreed and uploaded some of the songs on my list. Here some of the videos:

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