Sunday, January 29, 2012

New FIDE Website for Kids

FIDE is serious at getting the entire population of the planet to play chess and they are starting with the younger generation. The Chess in Schools Commission and FIDE Trainer's Commission have been working on this and they came up with a very original idea -- a chess website with resources for everyone.

The membership has two options, premium and free registration. If you've got dough, you get the sweets but if your out of dough, forget it. Might as well go and look for the resources somewhere else which of course has the same free and premium offerings.

Chessbase run an article about this and it got me asking myself "What's the difference?"

And on that note, I think the recent NCFP Advisory "sounded and worded" almost similar to the advisory given by FIDE.  Hmmm!?

I think FIDE is five years late in the game. While Chessbase, FICS, ICC and other online chess resources have established their presence in the business, they were too busy figuring out a way to unify the chess world.

Will this takeoff and dominate the field in two to three years, I don't know. FIDE must be smart enough to know that country federations like the one we have in the Philippines are run in a "backyard" sense. From poor communication system to poor planning and definitely lack of vision for the chess populace.

Maybe its just the Philippines and our people, maybe disciplined federations will make it with the help of FIDE.

Whatever happened to the National Chess Academy? Whatever happened to the DEPED-NCFP collaboration? Did it start and end with the signing of Memorandum of Agreement?

Maybe someday NCFP will finally make it right, someday DEPED will light the way. Or maybe someday me, my family and my love for the game of chess will be in another place enjoying the right kind of governance from the government.

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