Friday, January 27, 2012

RP's Chess Federation Advisory

Announcement from the National Chess Federation of the Philippines:

“We are one family”

There is only one chess federation recognized by the Federation Internationale des Echecs (FIDE), Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) and Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) here in the country and that is the National Chess Federation of the Philippines (NCFP).

In line with this, we encourage all chess enthusiasts to become member and support the programs of the local chess governing body.

Beginning 2012, all local and international chess tournaments in the country should be sanctioned by the NCFP.

This can only be done with the support of local chess communities.

The federation always encourages interaction between and among all chess stakeholders to form one cohesive unit that is congruent with the FIDE motto:”We are one family.”

There are 64 squares, 32 pieces, and billions of possibilities in the game and they all happen over ONE chessboard.

In this connection, organizing and playing in a tournament not sanctioned by the federation will be considered a violation that has a corresponding penalty.

All NCFP members, especially the national and titled players, are prohibited to join all tournaments in the country not sanctioned by the federation and to compete in International events or tournaments without prior clearance, approval and coordination.

The federation reserves the right to penalize the erring players.

A warning will be issued on the first offense, but a repeat of similar violation may ultimately lead into a ban or prohibition from joining all tournaments sanctioned by the federation.

National players will lose their slot on the Philippine team right away if found guilty of committing the aforementioned offense and lose the right to officially represent the country in all international tournaments.
With the federation overseeing all tournaments here in the Philippines, the players will no longer worry about non-guaranteed prizes, biased officiating, and unfair or uneven playing field.

The federation will have a reliable and updated local rating to ensure that the players, especially in non-master tournaments, are playing on an even field.

Aside from determining the strength of the competition, the local rating aims to give the players a motivation to perform well and set higher goals.

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