Thursday, January 26, 2012

Diwa De Leon's Dialogues

In this day and age when electronic media has taken over the traditions of humanity, it a reprieve to know that there are people working towards the preservation of our culture and tradition. Diwa de Leon is one of those rare breed who chose to promote and fight for the Filipino Culture.

Recently, he released his first ever solo album called Memories on Two Strings. It has 25 songs featuring his latest love affair with the Hegalong, an ethnic stringed musical instrument that Joey Ayala is known to use in concerts and studio recording.

I first saw Diwa during my college days when he and his band called Makiling Ensemble would play in pocket concerts promoting cultural activism.  I wonder what's the latest from Makiling but I'm happy that Diwa has launched this one, for the country and the whole world.

Incidentally, Diwa has a strong following for his YouTube Chanel and the Hegalong Project is one of the reasons why:

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