Sunday, November 6, 2011

Eid al Adha

Another long weekend for us after last weekend's observance of the Christian world of All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day. On Novermber 7, 2011, Monday, the world of Islam will be observing their day of sacrifice which is also known as Eid al Adha.

For everyone's information, let me share the email sent to us by our World Religion teacher we will call N.Y.:
 "Eid al Adha is also known as the Festival of Sacrifice. It is known as this because it commemorates the sacrifice that the prophet Ibrahim (or Abraham) was willing to sacrifice his son Ishmael as God had asked. Satisfied with Ibrahim's show of devotion, God replaced the boy with a sheep (or ram) at the last moment. 
It is also on this day (the 10th day of the Islamic month Dhul-Hijjah) that millions of Muslim pilgrims make the trek to Makkah. While there, part of their Hajj is to slaughter a sheep or partake of a mutton meal. Around the world, Muslims who can afford it, also slaughter sheep, goats, camels or cows. One third of the meat is distributed to the poor, One third to neighbors/relatives and the last third is kept by the person who offered the sacrifice for their family."
There goes the reason for another sweet weekend for us Filpino living in the Philippines.

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