Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Study on Chess by Gerdes, Gransmark and Rosholm

Here is a document I stumbled upon at ChessBase which you guys might like to read. As always, if you envision chess to be a good learning tool for everyone, it is important that we read academic papers dealing with the game.

Chess has been studied greatly by psychologists, developmental theorists and learning process scholars. Computer scientists had their "field day" in the 80's leading up to the great Kasparov-Deep Blue battles where the longest reigning world chess champion had won in 1996 but lost in 1997 rematch. Of course, Garry is Kasparov and Kasparov accused IBM for cheating and demanded but never got one.

Anyways, here is the study called Chicken or Checkin'? Rational Learning on Repeated Chess Games:

Chicken or Checkin'?

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