Sunday, October 2, 2011

Learning Support Teacher

I miss working as a learning support teacher, I really do. After working as a learning support teacher from year 2000-2010, I thought I thought I had it, I thought I wanted to teach in the regular classroom and have the experience. I thought I would love it, I thought I would enjoy it.

It is tiring! It is exhausting!

As a regular ed teacher, I have to prepare so much for so little time. Prepare for lectures, activities, handouts, videos, worksheets and tests I don't usually make as a learning support teacher. Yes, it is killing me. My kids have been complaining, my wife and the little kid in me. I'm hanging on until I get a slot in my school as a learning support teacher. Will I ever get one? I don't really know. The gods of Mt. Olympus must be conferring with each other whether they'll grant my request or not.

So what does a learning support teacher really do?

  • Teach skills not content
  • Study with the students and not teach the content
  • Do pull-outs and individual sessions
  • Join classes and learn with the students
  • Assess skills not content
  • And a lot more
As always, you can base your writings from your experience or from the studies made by scholars and accidental academicians. Here's one called Attributes of a Learning Support Teacher in Australian Inclusive Classrooms.

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