Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Learning Disability is Not

Its been ages since I last wrote about a specific case or condition commonly encountered by special ed teachers or occupational therapists. Here goes something which continue to confuse practitioners and the commoners, learning disability.

A student with a learning disability is not a student whose learning problems are primarily due to:

1. Other handicapping conditions such as

  • Mental disabilities
  • Emotional disabilities
  • Visual or hearing loss
  • Motor handicaps
2. Limited learning opportunities because of 
  • Prolonged absences from school
  • Lack of consideration for language differences
  • Inadequate instructional practices
3. Limited learning potential in all areas (e.g., slow learners whose achievement is commensurate with their potential).

4. Sociological causes, including environmental, cultural, or economic disadvantages, limited proficiency in English language, or other such conditions that may result in, but are not the result of, a learning problem.

Guys, these reasons if found to be present when you do a background check to your "suspected" student/s must be addressed during the intervention phase and from there we can compare the results before and after your special educational intervention or rehabilitation.

Hope this post helps . If you want to read more about special education or teaching in general, check the right side panel of this blog and click on Special Education Notes or Teacher's Diary under the Blog Topics Section.   

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