Friday, July 15, 2011

IM Bryan Smith's Travelling Chess Player Series

Guys if you have time, I recommend you read American international master Bryan Smith's five part series of articles he calls Travelling Chess Player. He shared at what it is like to be a " nomad" in Europe as professional chess player hunting for that elusive GM title.

He writes in a colorful and dramatic manner which will make you realize that chess is not glamorous at all and that there really comes a point in a person's life when you reach the crossroad, whether you turn around and leave everything you worked for and continue the path you set to walked on.

Wonderful indeed and you don't need to be into chess to appreciate his story as a Travelling Chess Player. He talks about life, passion, hardship and triumph all in the context of the hunt for the Grand Master title.

Here are the links:

  1. Travelling Chess Player, Part 1
  2. Travelling Chess Player, Part 2
  3. Travelling Chess Player, Part 3
  4. Travelling Chess Player, Part 4
  5. Travelling Chess Player, Part 5
Almost everyone would agree with me that the chess world is overflowing with self-centered, egoistic souls that concerns themselves with what they think they know, proven and about to prove. IM Bryan Smith bared his soul for everyone to learn.

It is one of the greatest chess-related read so far for me and I don't think anyone can match this piece of work in a long time. Great work IM Bryan Smith!   

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