Tuesday, July 12, 2011

CBCP Under Fire

This is what you get for meddling with the State, says most of the observers and scholars you can find everywhere in the Philippines. After a much publicized stance against the RH bill, our dearly beloved Filipino Catholic priests are under fire. No thanks to the PCSO controversy over funds involving seven Bishops and their supposedly SUV's.

This issue actually hits a lot of birds with one stone. Dragging the name of the former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo into the picture, put in the Damaso's of our land who opposed the RH Bill like it should be, we have a perfect blend now if we add that really problematic issue of power and money in Philippine Society - corruption.

Sadly, these issues do not really help our country and the 85% of citizens living under the economic poverty line. Depressing indeed to see so much economic opportunities move past behind our country. 

If you check the newspapers today, it is Malacanang's turn to accept the apology from the bishops. Tables have turned and the guys who helped in the campaign for PNoy's presidential seat are the one's complaining and regretting.

Regrets do come in way after a decision has been made. While the elite are living it up, the Filipino Masa gets all the empty promises of a better life.

Before I go, let me share this trailer of Hanap Buhay by Henry Frejas which I saw last year at Cinemalaya 2010 and is now an official entry for 2011 Cinemalaya:

A story about making a living out of the dead and the dying, that's exactly how these corrupt politicians and leaders of the country are doing to the Masa.

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