Saturday, February 26, 2011

Special Education: Lecture Notes 3

After spending the Valentine's evening writing our midterm exam in our class, we spent the next Monday assessing special education programs and dissecting other program elements as well.

Below is one transcription of our discussion:

Elements Special Ed Program

It doesn't take a genius to realize these elements most specially if you have been in the practice for a decade or more. In fact you tend to forget such "insignificant" bulleted ideas when you are in the classrooms. I really hope the global education system will follow the IBO Practice.

For the armchair learners, here are two more transcriptions from our class discussions: Elements of SPED Programming 1 and Early Childhood Program for Sped.

And yes, the 25th Anniversary celebration of EDSA ended last night with all the singing and dancing while Filipinos in Libya, New Zealand are trying to keep their lives and hopes alive!

That's the f#@$ing spirit of EDSA!

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