Thursday, March 5, 2009

Eye floaters?

Hey there!

Am temporarily back here to blog something really important...

Eye floaters, anyone?

I was, as a child, been a victim of these eye floaters and in this adult life of mine, I've had episodes of eye float moments.

I could clearly recall how I would react and adapt to these eye float moments as grade school student while playing chess in school or watching television at home: I would go to the bathroom, wash my face and eyes with water, dry myself with a towel and check if the eye float has gone.

And yes, you guessed it right, I would spend hours in agony just to have those eye floaters removed... to my frustration it just won't go away when I wanted to.Then I would give up on my efforts and come to the conclusion that as it came without my knowledge, it will go without my efforts. Missing my favorite program on tv or my opponent just got fed up waiting for me during chess games.

And so it went on until I came across this product, The eye floaters solution.

I never thought I'd come across a product that would finally deal with this "mysterious" visual flare ups of mine nor would ever read or write something about my eye visions. Never really thought the day would come for me to have these eye floaters of mine be fixed.

Just exactly what are eye floaters?

Le' me give you a rundown, after all, here at Philippine Chess Chronicles, our readers fall under the categories of a genius, a nerd or a super reader and I need not give any super-ultra-electro-magnetic-hiphop explanation for you to understand the basics, an excerpt from the only e-book available about eye floaters and flashers:

"The eye is a ball filled with a gel/liquid type substance that is the vitreous humor. It is what maintains the eye’s round shape. Eye Floaters are dead tissue cells that get trapped in the vitreous humor (or the liquid that fills
the eye ball and keeps it a round shape). As with the natural aging process, dead tissue is produced and suspended in this liquid. These dead tissue cells
cannot be removed since the eye is a closed and is sealed off. There is no means for
the natural tissue debris to be removed. This dead tissue that is suspended in the vitreous humor casts a shadow in the retina—which is the part of the eye with photoreceptors that allow for sight. This shadow onto the retina is what causes the Eye Floaters to be seen"

Eye floaters, flashers, streaks... all these I thought were a prelude to migrain.

But no they're not. Eye floaters, streaks, flashers, spider webs, moving dots and squiggly lines, they now can be remedied and it's available only here, The Secret cure for eye floaters.

There are ways we can deal with a situation, take note, I don't call it a problem but a situation. For chess players, we call it chess position, for medical professionals, we call it a condition. Call it whatever you want but let me tell you one thing, there is remedy for this thing called eye floaters.

It affects one of the most important sense organ we humans have, our eyes.Don't suffer in silence, err, do not allow yourself to "see" your agonies. Give you self a chance to see the world clearly, eye float-free!

Eliminate eye floaters in only seven days, for life!

Get the world's cure for eye floaters now.

Meanwhile, I hope Philippine's number one chess player and youngest ever Filipino to become a grandmaster (as of now) is resting after 2 consecutive major tourneys he has joined. Although I've read from Malibay Chess Club blog about his participation in the upcoming RP's Battle of the Grandmaster, I really hop he takes time out to rest, enjoy life outside of chess. After all, he has achieved enormous feats for our country. All work and no play makes Sam a dumb boy! Thing is, Wesley sees chess as a game not work.


  1. I like this eye-floaters-picture, you can find it on Website:

  2. FAKE!!!!! this ebook is promoting a product called Vitreoxigen.
    Don't buy this goddamn snake oil people, keep hope!!


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