Monday, March 11, 2013

Bye bye Balkman

You're out of the Philippine Basketball Association and you should be packing your stuff now. Head out of the country and back to the US of A. Philippine basketball fans, especially the youth, don't need you.

You don't push you coach nor any of your teammates trying to pacify you. And yes, you cannot do that to any of the game officials. Who knows what else you can do when you throw another tantrum?

Bye bye Balkman!

Try your luck in China maybe or in Europe, but Filipinos don't like and will never like what you have to offer them. Sorry but you should be back to your hometown Balkman!

We don't need you.

If only the management of Petron knew about his previous hardcourt tantrums, maybe the ugly meltdown would not have happened.

Let's see:

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