Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 JBS Manila Chess Battle II

The results are in for the JBS Manila Chess Battle II which happened over the weekend at Robinson-Otis, Paco, Manila. There were three divisions: Open, Rating 1950 & Below and the 14 and Under.

In the Open division, IM Barlo Nadera claimed the Championship spot with six points and higher tie-break points over the other six-pointers. On second place is FM Paulo Bersamina, third is Narquingel Reyes, fourth is Jerad Docena and on fifth is Ruel Abelgas. They make-up the top five finishers of the Open division, each having six points.

On sixth spot with 5 points is GM Bong Antonio. The Open division had 120 players and looking at the list, Bong Antonio was the only GM to play in the event. The usuals were not around like Dableo, Dimakiling, Paragua, Torre, Barbosa, Laylo and Bitoon. Except for FM Paulo Bersamina, there weren't any participants from the youngsters like Mejia, Garcia and So Kua.

I wonder whatever happened to the Ochoa brothers.

Here is final standings for the Open Division:

Results of 2012 Open Division, JBS Manila Chess Battle II

And in the 1950 and Below, there's not much news except that it was won by Genghis Imperial and followed by Jan Roldan Oriendo.

Final Standings:

Results of 2012 1950 and Below Division, JBS Manila Chess Battle II

And lastly, the future of Philippine Chess, 14 and Under:

  Result 2012 JBS Manila Chess Battle II 14 & Under

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