Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hitler Reacts to Tulfo-Santiago Brawl

The Tulfo-Santiago brawl is still showing and Filipinos all over the world are watching! Here's the video just in case you haven't seen it yet.

We forgot all about Jessica Sanchez, Scarborough Shoal and the blatant Chinese claim that they also own the Philippines. I arrived home tonight and was welcomed with the words "Pa, nakakainis to si Raymart, paiyak-iyak pa sa interview!"

The issue has fueled the imagination of many and right now, the video uploaded by RonnVillanueva over at YouTube is gaining viewership by the minute. I just love the subtitles put in the Hitler movie and it summed up most of the problems and issues we have right now in the Philippines.

Here it is:


I've downloaded this one just in case it is removed from Youtube just like the TV5 T3 Episode where they gave threatening statement against Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto. I saw that episode and at first, the Tulfo Brothers made a disclaimer like in light of journalistic ethical blah-blahs. Then they took turns, giving the viewers and MTRCB shivers. Today, the Tulfo Brothers have been suspended!

And yes, Raymart replied with tears in front of the camera. This fine acting might give him that elusive FAMAS Award.

Imagine Claudine and Raymart, together with a friend in pink shirt giving Mon Tulfo the black eye and bruises? Bad for the Tulfo brand.

Empty warehouse? Airport and mall? I think Raymart should impose the house-arrest for the entire family.

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