Thursday, May 10, 2012

Asian Continental Chess Championship 2012

The 11th Asian Continental Individual Open and Women's Chess Championship is the qualifying tournament for the World Cup and Women's World Championship. Vietnam Chess Federation is the host for this event which started May 4, Friday. Official count of players: 70 for Open section and 40 for Women's section. The tournament is a 9-round Swiss System with Phuong Trang as the main sponsor.

The Asian Chess Federation Deputy President Casto Abundo is a Filipino and has been with FIDE for almost two decades now, a hold-over from Campomanes regime.

Top five performers after Round 5 or should I say 5 after 5:
  1. GM Yu Yangi of China with 4.5 points
  2. IM Qingnan Liu of China with 4 points
  3. GM John Paul Gomez of the Philippines with 4 points
  4. GM Liren Ding of China with 4 points
  5. GM Parimarjan Negi of India with 4 points 
Philippine's Official entry and score after 5 rounds:
  • GM Wesley So (5th seed), with 3 points
  • GM Rogelio Antonio Jr (13th seed), WITHDREW
  • GM Oliver Barbosa (16th seed), with 3.5 points
  • GM Mark Paragua (23rd seed), with 3.5 points
  • GM John Paul Gomez (30th seed), with 4 points
  • GM Darwin Laylo (31st seed), with 2 points
  • GM Eugenio Torre (33rd seed), with 1.5 points
  • IM Jan Emmanuel Garcia (50th seed) with 2 points
Four more rounds to go and we will find out if another Pinoy will have a chance to play in the World Cup 2013.

For the Women's section, we have the top five performers after 5 rounds:
  1. WGM Irene Kharisma Sukandar of Indonesia with 4.5 points
  2. WGM Thi Thanh An Nguyen of Vietnam with 4 points
  3. IM Batkhuyag Munguntuul of Mongolia with 4 points
  4. WGM Yixin Ding of China with 4 points
  5. WGM Thi Bao Tram Hoang with 3.5 points   
Good luck to all the participants in the Asian Chess Championship! I just thought FM Paulo Bersamina should have have played in this tournament.

Here I go again, I've said this so many times...

Wesley So has been very consistent in all his games and I wonder if he has lost his passion for the game. It does happen and when it does, one must take a break from the game. I wish his fans would make him realize this, his parents too.

Burn out? Probably!  

Wesley you don't need to play the game if you don't want to. There is so much more outside of the chess arena. Huwag mong' panghinayangan yan, it will come around again. Sometimes gifts can be so hard to let go of especially when all your life, that's all you've had, chess, chess and chess. Ibang level lang talaga ang chess when it comes to World Cup and World Championship. Giftedness and talent is not enough, dedication and commitment must be part of the equation. Discipline dude, discipline.

I wish nothing but the best for you. Good luck! 


  1. i dont think wesely is burn out. i dont think he lost his passion for chess. I dont think Wes would always play for draw and not for win. Coz otherwise he would have not played in the latest tournament. He may have reached that point of slowing down in what he is doing. His commitment may have lessen or his current status being a teenager working for solo life ( his loved ones gone abroad) may have been too early and adjustment is still in process. Many factors. His inconsistencies in chess is normal and good enough to know that he is just human being. Hope we see more of his improvement and development, if not in his teenage years, maybe when goes 20 and above

  2. The sad thing about this is lots of our countryman made a bold announcement all over the internet chess sites stating Wesley So will be the next world champion! just a bit embarrassing :(


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