Monday, May 7, 2012

The NAIA Incident: Tulfo vs Mr. and Mrs. Santiago

Le'me piggy back ride on the recent internet surge and show you the NAIA incident involving Mon Tulfo and Raymart Santiago and the rest of his homies (while his children were watching on the sidelines).


Whoever started the fight never thought of anything like this big. It is the talk of the town, in primetime news, blogs, websites and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Mon Tulfo was at the receiving end this time and in one of the interviews he said "Masakit pala madehado" (It is painful to be in a losing situation). Mon Tulfo's siblings, Raffy, Erwin and Ben, in their TV 5 show called T3 reminded Raymart that its not yet over.

And while netizens like you and me are feasting on this celebrity death match, the airline called Cebu Pacific is inching away from it.

But what is the reason for this?

The luggage of the Santiago family was off-loaded and this caused Claudine Barretto complain to the ground stewardess of the Cebu Pacific. Mon Tulfo claims he heard Claudine verbally abuse the stewardess which witnesses and Cebu Pacific employees present confirm to be true but Claudine denies this.

And the rest they say... is now showing!

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