Friday, February 17, 2012

Lazarte Banned for Life

Great news but still, I'd love all the boxing organizations around the world to have a "No Boxing Event" in Argentina. Banning Lazarte for life is one thing, the f@#cked-up crowd is another thing and they must learn from this. The Argentine Boxing Commission Chief should be ashamed of what happened and that he be sacked for his statements after the fight.

The Philippine Senate sent a strong message against this with a resolution recalling Philippine Ambassador to Argentina Rey Carandang. The resolution also asks the Argentine Ambassador to the Philippines Joaquin Daniel Otero. Some camps were even asking for the Philippine-Argentina ties be cut-off because of the participated in by the unschooled, uneducated Argentinians.

Why not?

Good for you crazy, barbaric, stupid Argentinians!

Watch the riot-marred boxing match between Casimero and Lizarte.

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