Sunday, February 26, 2012

For the Kids 2012

We have a contributor from St. Scholastica's College Ms. Alex Jewel Leonor, a third year SPED Major. She shares to us her views and her perspectives on the the volunteering program she joined in called For the Kids 2012.   

Here it is:

Being someone for somebody voluntarily is a fulfilling action that can lift up your heart. For the Kids 2012 (FTK) was an experience to boost up our talents and skills in handling children of all abilities. As a L.O.V.E. volunteer, great opportunities abound for college students from La Salle and other universities in and around Manila. SPED Olympics happens once a year and once a year we share our laughter, fun, games, food, and company with the children. I can say that being a volunteer, one carries a with her a responsibility as big as one's love for the children. The child will be under our supervision for the whole day. We were given an assignment and the ration was 2 is to 1. Two volunteers to one child,  one ate and one kuya. 

There was a bond established between us and at the same time we met new friends along the way. People from DLSU were accomodating, quite the opposite of what was expected from them. Snub!

Handling children was one of the thrills of FTK. It wasn't difficult to handle a child. I told myself that if I was the only one who had the child, I wouldn't have survived. He was simply too strong for me to handle. At first, my partner Ked and I didn't have any problems with the child. He was easy to be around with but tantrums came and we couldn't we can't stop him! He didn't want to get off the microphone. He even peed on his pants. I didn't know what to do but my partner was there to help me and the father of the child. 

My idea of getting my child off the stage and the microphone was not good, he was unstoppable. We were not able to finish all 3 games, just 1 game.
But every FTK volunteer has the end goal of giving joy to our assigned child, make them happy.

We wanted them to enjoy each moment we were with them,while we were under under the sun, literally. My skin was burnt and it was really bad. My partner asked me if I wasn't tired and I told him "No" because I was happy the child was enjoying his time. My partner gave up and needed to rest for quite awhile. Heart problems he had and he needed it. 

I saw the passion, the zeal that every teacher must have. My partner was not a SPED major, but then, his heart was really for the kids. You can do your work without any complains if you love your work.

For the Kids 2012 was a blast! It was a successful event where everyone enjoyed especially the kids. We  learned a lot from them!

For the Kids 2012 was really a day for the kids! To make them smile and take a break from the usual stuff that they do. Our desire to make the kids happy was a success. We were all successful in painting smiles on their faces that day. That Sunday was one of the most unforgettable Sundays that ever happened to me and I'm sure also for the other volunteers. 

As Scholasticans, we are very willing and motivated to lend a hand for every kid. The love for kids were clearly seen as the Education majors of St. Scholastica's College lend a hand to every child.

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