Friday, February 3, 2012

Education and the Internet

Much has been said about the role of technology and the internet on education. Education as we know it, education as homeschoolers know it and education as non-schooled minds know it. Whichever kind of education you and me knows, technology and internet plays a role in education which you cannot go away with.

According to Google Chromebooks Group Product Manager Rajen Sheth, "this year's graduating class will be the first not to know a world without the Web...this has serious implications for how we educate."

To read more, check this one: Scaling Education with the Web.

It has been a dizzying, back-breaking week at work, I mean in school and I'm looking forward to have my weekend. Tonight I'll visit Wesley Chess Cafe' and play until eight in the evening. 

I wish you all a great weekend! Until then!

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