Sunday, July 24, 2011

PYP Teaching and Learning Workshop

Our In-house Teacher Training Services happened last week from July 20 to 22 with workshop facilitators Helen Morschel and Hilton Munro. I came in to the workshop with a relaxed sense of breezing through it and came out of it tired but more in tune with the International Baccalaureate Organization's mission and strategy to create a better world through education.

I have always believed that as teachers, we should be learning the way we are teaching and that was how the facilitators, both certified IBO Workshop Leaders, mirrored to us. Terrific grouping strategies were done like talking clock partners, animal sounds and color coding. Questions were encouraged to be posted on the wall and it was called Parking Lot. Reading and Reflection activities were done in a "jigsaw" manner, very productive for the learners and teachers.

Graphic organizers were used too. These mind map tools are very much available for everyone to use, its just a matter of knowing when to use them. Here is my mind map of what  remember from the workshop:  

I'll post in detail about graphic organizers next time.

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