Friday, June 3, 2011

Work for Summer 2011

I'm about to end my first week of summer vacation today.

Yes you read it right, I am on vacation which ends by July 18 and so far so good. If your wandering, the school which I am in is following the Northern Hemisphere school calendar for the IB World Schools. While the local schools and people of my country busy as a bee in preparing for this Monday's back to school, here I am whiling away my time with my loving family.

There are so many ways to use one's vacation time wisely and it all depends on taste, awareness and preference. Most of my students are on a cruise, vacationing outside of the country and God knows they are scattered all over the globe and spending time with their video consoles and family. Some are diving off the shores of Palau and Palawan.

Truly it all hinges on ones taste, preference, awareness and let me add this one, finances.

Oh well! If you are like me which on a daily basis would rather sleep, pray and love, it would really help if you find an extra paying activity for this Summer of 2011.

As a teacher for the past eleven years and having worked as a storyteller for National Bookstore's Summer Reading Workshop, storyteller for The Children's Library of the Gokongwei Brothers Foundation, a play therapist, school-based occupational therapist, special needs education teacher, chess coach and university senior instructor, much of the network and "jobs" that attracts me and vice-versa would be in the academe.

So far I was informed by my mentor and colleague that we have been contracted to provide a series of workshop on special education to the teachers of a Paranaque-based Catholic school. I am somewhat excited to work with professional adults again as they partake in discussion that's mentally stimulating but totally grounded on real-life situations.

But before I start all these, I'll be flying to Palawan on the 7th and stay there until the 10th of June. It will be one exciting week for me together with the PE teachers in my school. My work for this summer can wait, Palawan Philippines they say is a lot better than Boracay or Mindoro. We will see.

Typhoons and rainstorms we don't need you next week, please cooperate! 

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