Saturday, June 4, 2011

Coaching Manual for ChessCube Environment

ChessCube has been stamping its name as one of the best online chess resource in the last five years. I have always thought of the Internet Chess Club (ICC) and Free Internet Chess Site (FICS) as the two best websites to offer everything about chess.

Sadly the ICC is for commercial purposes and this paved the way for the FICS to be put up. But then again, after using FICS for the last three years especially during my "exile" in Morocco, I felt like something is missing.

Then last April 22 I registered at ChessCube!

I find Mark Levitt's creation a bit of a genius. Simply, ChessCube is the answer to all your chess questions with a wee bit of a surprise, social networking!

Of course there are premiums that you could pay up for but with the free account that I have it feels like they already are giving me the premium services. The activities are presented as tabs and this definitely makes using the environment so much easy.

And here is something I discovered recently, setting up your account for coaching your students on ChessCube:

Steps to Coaching Your Students in ChessCube

Oh before I go, you can look for me there with my handle: the_brownman, add me up and let's play. See you there!

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  1. Yup, ChessCube is pretty great. Hope to have a game with you one day :)


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