Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Primer on Homeschooling

Homeschooling program in the Philippines is quietly gaining ground among Filipino families who believes in catering to the individual educational needs of their children. You don't need to have a special educational student to homeschool them. In one of the searches I made about homeschooling it "the best teacher for your children are the ones who love them best... and that's you".

I once had a conversation with a fellow storyteller for children that she and her hubby chose to homeschool their two kids because they only want the best education for their kids. I quipped "but what about the social skills?" She replied, "Filipinos are the most social, from family members to neighbors, what else can we ask for?"

Anyways, I myself would want to put one of my children in this path of study. From what I've read and experienced as a special ed teacher, the best education for someone may be the worst one for the other. I remember someone telling me, "the (international) school where my son is right now maybe considered as one of the best in the land and in the world... but right now it is not the one suited for my son's needs."   

With all the problems Philippine Education is facing, from lack of classrooms and quality of education in general, why aren't we Filipinos really looking for an alternative? We insist on the traditional, out-moded form of classroom education and teaching strategy. 

What has become of education in the Philippines?   The National Budget is there but why do we keep seeing school problems related to financial woes and difficulties?  We have the professionalization of teaching as early as 1900's and yet parents and teachers complain about their teachers and their modes of teaching? I can  still remember  during my elementary school days when my teachers in St. Mary's Academy Pasay City would say that other countries send their students in the Philippines to study and learn various fields of studies and we're damn proud of it. 

But now? Is there any way out of this sinkhole for us Filipinos? 

I think there is and its just a matter of owning up to the situation and taking full responsibility, nation-building starts at home. Let's do homeschooling and direct the learning of your children and help shape the future of this nation.

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Getting Started in Homeschooling

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