Saturday, July 5, 2014

Dust and Cobwebs

It has been seven months since I last posted here and I don't even know if anybody even attempts to check this blog. Much has happened in my personal life, in the chess world, in Philippine politics and quite recently, the announcement of Senator Miriam Santiago about her stage 4 lung cancer.

I've taken on basketball coaching since January of 2013. I have had the chance of attending the Alaska-Jr NBA/WNBA Coaches Clinic, helped out with a High School Girls Basketball team as a volunteer coach. I was lucky enough to be part of the Coaching Staff of the Men's Basketball Team of a University somewhere in Mandaluyong.

Every Sunday since May, I've been giving basketball training to my daughter and a couple of other kids. This basketball coaching has motivated me to be physically fit and healthy.

Although my chess activities decreased, I still managed to find time to play online chess on a regular basis. The Scholastic Chess Camp 2014 was a success too with Michael Concio Jr giving a simultaneous chess exhibition to eleven kids last June 26, 2014.

GM Wesley So switches federation because he wants to and I couldn't agree more. If I'll be given an opportunity to leave the country, I will definitely do so and bring along my entire clan. I'm frustrated at how the government has handled the PDAF Scandal and the erring senators getting the VIP treatment in jail. The worst part of it all is that we have been shown how bad these leaders are and yet corruption goes on in every corner of Philippine Society.

I've read Gerry Alanguilan's Rodski Patotski "Ang Dalagang Baby" and I liked it, get one too. Please say a little prayer to Gerry and his family for the passing of mom last May 28.

My summer break is almost over and I'll be back in school to do what I love doing best, learn with my students.

For now, let me go to bed and sleep. I'm not even sure when I'll come back to write.

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