Saturday, March 23, 2013

RP's State of the Nation 2013

Here comes the rain again. When all we get from the news is about ruined relationships by personalities in Philippine Society. Aren't you tired of seeing them throw tantrums on national television?

Why do your laundry in public? And it doesn't help when everyone is jumping in to such "issues" and giving their own opinions.

C'mon guys! You are smarter than all of these.

We have, for the Nth time, Kris Aquino hugging the primetime last night and announcing her resignation to all her shows. My daughter told me this last night and all I said was "Anak, let Kris do her thing and get all the attention she wants. Let her be."

And we have the Chiz Escudero/Heart Evangelista-Ongpauco Saga. I hope this one is settled soon.

We've had enough. We don't need this. We dont!

There are so many problems we have to face these days and you guys aren't helping.

Check out NASA's Current Impact Risk Assessment.

NASA asks the world to pray, nothing more, nothing less.

In the end, these agnostics, skeptics and atheists go back to the essential: praying and believing in God.

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