Sunday, February 17, 2013

Six-Pawn Phalanx Attack

Here is a game I won against a Belgian player. This was my fourth win against five losses and I run away after this game. I'd rather end my chess blitz session on a winning note than lose all my cubits. This win I really think is a lucky win. If I'll post the nine games we had, you will see how much my opponent pushed me around.

My opponent, nil2, was bringing all our games outside of the usual opening patterns and I kept losing my way into the middle game. Looking into the opening of this game, we'll be surprised how the white's pawn phalanx allowed me to penetrate black's king side. With the Q-B-B-N pieces attacking together, black didn't have a choice but to give up the queen.

For a moment I thought my attack would be stopped and defended because of the black knight's threat to my white queen. In fact I had to lose precious seconds before I continued with the attack.

So this is something I can say a treasure for tonight's chess.

Let's watch.


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