Sunday, February 17, 2013

Meteorite hits Russia

News websites around the world are showing us the properties destroyed and people injured by meteorites as it hit the Ural region of Russia. It caused panic in the three municipalities but ironically, the world governments are mum about the incident. Sounds like nobody wants this escalated into a worldwide panic.

But are the global leaders preparing the human race by its silence? Sadly, I feel not.

Is it the end of the world? Definitely not but the world will have to go on a CTRL-ALT-DEL mode an restart all over again. Will we be part of the human race that will enjoy one thousand years of Heaven on Earth? I don't know, only God will know this.

So here are some links and videos you might want to see.  It has been revealed and it has been written. Its all up to you to decide.

Windows shattered, people injured and one woman hospitalized because of a heart attack.

And its not really nice to hear these broadcasters say 'It's just a teaser guys, more to come."

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