Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Basic Checkmate Pattern: Scholar's Mate

Here is a game I never thought I'd play and win over at Chesscube. My opponent carried a higher rating than mine, his was 1948 and mine was 1850. Bullet games are frowned upon by the powers that be of chess but a game is a game and I'll take this win anytime. A bullet game is also known as 1-minute game, play to finish. I used five seconds to carry out this basic checkmating pattern, a four-mover. Here is the game below, I was playing with the white pieces.


A game like this is often found in a beginner's chess book and in many children's tournaments. These so-called "Kiddies" in Philippine chess is 14 and under which means players aged 14 and below are eligible to play in this tournament. The f7 square on the black side is the weakest square in the beginning or opening stage of the game. If we will look into the white side, then it would be the f2 square. To avoid losing a game this way, protect these squares at all cost. Remember the weakest squares on the chessboard in the opening, f2 for white and f7 for black.

You may visit this link for further explanation on the Scholar's Mate.

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