Tuesday, January 29, 2013

For Sale: Used Teacher Resource Books

After donating several books in Imus Public Library and the now-gone-defunct-closed The Children's Library-Imus, I still have twenty books to share to all interested readers out there but for now, I'm only selling the thirteen books.

These books were sent to me from New York and all are in very good condition. Classroom teachers, homeschooling parents, scholars, education major students and bookworms will find the books interesting and will be very helpful in teaching their children and students.

Please send me an email or drop me a note in the comments page, leave your name, mobile number and/or email address.

Item # 1: Kid’s Big Book of Games. Hours of fun awaits inside this incredible paperback book. Kids will enjoy 176 pages of word, logic and mind games. Perfect for long plane and car rides. (The answers are at the back.) Price: PhP 100.00

Item # 2: TEACH ME MOMMY is a 281-page, ready-to-use, completely-organized tool that will help you prepare your preschool-aged children for school while giving them the individual attention they need.  Paperback.  Price: PhP 475.00

Item # 3:  Teaching Art with Books Kids Love. Teaching Art Appreciation, Elements of Art, and Principles of Design with Award-Winning Children's Books. Paperback. 

Price: PhP 325.00

Item # 4: Innovations: The Comprehensive Toddler Curriculum. 

The Innovations series is a complete, interactive curriculum for infants and toddlers. In addition to the wealth of activities, each book includes these critical components: applying child development theory to everyday experiences; using assessment to meet individual developmental needs; using the physical environment as a learning tool; developing a partner relationship with parents; fostering an interactive climate in the classroom; and educating parents.

The Innovations series is a unique combination of the practical and theoretical. It combines them in a way that supports beginning teachers, informs experienced teachers, and provides a complete program for every teacher!

Price: PhP 850.00

Item # 5: Raising Young Children Well.

Recipes for success with early childhood's most difficult issues, from the experts at the North Shore Child & Family Guidance Center.

Ever wonder how to keep your cool when your child is all steamed up? What to do to support your child in the face of divorce and loss? How to get a toddler to go to sleep? This collection of the best articles from the award-winning Parent & preschooler Newsletter offers specific advice, respected research, and simple real-life examples to guide parents and professionals through the trials and tribulations of early childhood. Expert contributors discuss a wide variety of topics, including how to deal with a stubborn child; how to face the hair-raising moments of parenthood; and why good sibling relationships can improve your child's attitude in preschool and beyond. Written in an intelligent and supportive style, this book helps readers gain a practical understanding of complex developmental and family issues. Developed by the North Shore Child & Family Guidance Center, an organization that is nationally recognized for its commitment to children and families, this collection is an invaluable tool for parents and professionals.

Price: PhP 650.00

Item # 6: A Work in Progress: Behavior Management Strategies and a Curriculum for Intensive Behavioral Treatment of Autism by Ron Leaf and John McEachin (May 1999).

Guide to Educate Children Diagnosed with Autism Through Applied Behavior Analysis

Price: PhP 550.00

Item # 7:  How to Manage Your Early Childhood Classroom[Paperback].

The goal for early childhood teachers is to create and manage a developmentally sound and enriching learning environment. The practical tips and tools in this book will help teachers do just that.

Price: PhP 350.00

Item # 8:  Behavioral Intervention for Young Children With Autism: A Manual for Parents and Professionals[Paperback]

A growing body of research shows that many young children with autism and pervasive developmental disorders can derive significant, lasting, and sometimes dramatic benefits from early intervention based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. This manual, inspired by that research, provides a wealth of practical information for parents, professionals, and others concerned with helping such children. Authors include parents whose children have been the beneficiaries of a science based approach to autism treatment, as well as many noted researchers and experienced clinicians.

The manual gives the reader concrete information on how to evaluate treatment options and differentiate scientifically validated interventions from fads and miracle cures; assess children s skills, needs, and progress objectively and systematically; teach children a wide variety of important skills, ranging from basics such as listening and looking, to complex language and social skills; and determine who is competent to deliver and supervise behavioral intervention.

Price: PhP 850.00

Item # 9:  Complete Early Childhood Curriculum Resource: Success-Oriented Learning Experiences for All Children [Paperback].

Over 370 games and activities to add fun, excitement, and meaningful learning experiences to any early childhood program.

Price: PhP 750.00

Item #10:   The GIANT Encyclopedia of Theme Activities for Children 2 to 5: Over 600 Favorite Activities Created by Teachers for Teachers [Paperback]

This popular potpourri of over 600 classroom-tested activities actively engages children's imaginations and provides many months of learning fun. Organized into 48 popular themes, from Dinosaurs to Circus to Outer Space, these favorite activities are the result of a nationwide competition. Join the ranks of teachers who are already using and loving this valuable resource.

Price: PhP 650.00

Item # 11:                              Transition Magician
Strategies for Guiding Young Children in Early Childhood Programs

Price:  PhP 450.00

Item # 12: Creative Resources for the Early Childhood Classroom 4th edition.

Price: PhP 1,500.00

Item # 13:   Complete Early Childhood Curriculum Resource: Success-Oriented Learning Experiences for All Children [Paperback].

Over 370 games and activities to add fun, excitement, and meaningful learning experiences to any early childhood program.

Price: PhP 750.00

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  1. Hi! I'm interested in the "Kids' Big Book of Games"---how can I get it from you? Ann Capistrano, alizbeth_ph@yahoo.com


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