Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tenement in Taguig City

I was at the Tenement Elementary School today and helped a bit in the Feeding Program of the school with some of my students and a colleague.

This is DEPED's central elementary school in Taguig City and it boasts of thirty-six classes per level from k to 6 and is the most populous in the entire city.

So what do we feed the children?

Champorado with Carnation Evap!

And some snaps I did while I was with my eight -graders. Our unit for the second term is Buhay sa Syudad at Buhay sa Baryo. We have been discussing the first part which is Buhay sa Syudad and I asked my students to create a photo where it shows city living. These two are mine:

And tomorrow is a PTC day or Parent-Teacher Conference.

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