Friday, November 16, 2012

Playing to Survive

This game I played over at ChessCube is something I can never be proud of. It was a 15-minute game that I was forced to play when all I wanted was to play 1-minute games.

It ended in a draw after a 3-fold repetition but I had plenty of time with 8 minutes and 16 seconds against my opponent's 1 minute and 31 seconds. This game shows a lot of things about the fundamentals of chess and one of which is that you have to learn your openings. I played a bad opening. Then I played carelessly. Then I just played on to survive. Then I thought my opponent didn't know what to do with his advantage until I was able to keep my King in a safe place and allow my one-Queen demolition team do the wreck. Until my opponent went for the draw when his time was dwindling down.

So here is the game:

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