Sunday, June 3, 2012

Floods After the Rain

CJ Corona was impeached the other day and the Filipino Nation is rejoicing!

Today was the last of two days for the workshop "Spotting and Handling Learning Difficulty in the Regular Classrooms" with me and Ms. Sonia. This year's workshop and seminar was very successful in so many ways.

The feedbacks from the participants were very positive and realistic. The teachers from the Special Education department of St. Andrew's School of Paranaque were relieved and hopeful at the same time. Relieved that the regular classroom teachers were receptive the entire workshop and hopeful that the learnings from this workshop carry-on in their classroom practices.

Also today, in the middle part of the day, the rain poured and it felt like it wouldn't stop.

And the floods all over Metro Manila.

How are we, as a nation, tolerate poor governance?

We impeached Corona and the whole nation says the process is working. We run after "suspected" thieves in government positions but they use the law to evade conviction, mocking all of us and screaming to their heart's content "catch me if you can!".

Ambo is the first typhoon to have arrived in the Philippines for the year 2012. Have we learned from the past? Did we plan, during the summer season, for the rainy days? Obviously, PNoy was busy running after CJ Corona.

Governance in the Philippines really sucks. The basic services that should be provided for the Filipino people have always sucked. Poor medical services, poor educational program, poor social security services and poor safety and security program.

But think about it, it's the Filipino people who vote for these crooks in the government.

Sad but true, these TRAditional POliticianS are getting richer every minute of their time their offices while millions of Filipinos are dying and suffering due to poor government services.

After each rain comes the floods not sunshine and this will go on forever unless we learn from history. The masses must know and the masses must learn but above all, the Filipinos should take action to lift their lives out of this vicious, often fatal, cycle called corruption.

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