Monday, May 28, 2012

Seminar & Workshop @ St. Andrew's School 2012

I'll be in St. Andrew's School-Paranaque today and on Thursday with Ms. Sonia Mendoza to give another round of talk on Special Education. Ms. Sonia and I have been giving workshops and seminars since 2007  and somehow our tandem is working effectively.

For this year's edition, our topics will be more on Spotting and Handling Learning Difficulties in the Regular Classrooms. Although I've always been excited to do these endeavors, I feel I could have rested a bit more before plunging into action once more. Beacon School commencement happened last Friday with Mr. Jim Paredes of the APO Hiking Society gave the commencement speech on practical matters. I was glad he gave that kind of speech to our 8th graders. Going back to my previous statement, I wish this workshop could have been scheduled another week later. I never really had time to rest over the weekend as I needed to attend to personal stuffs.

But I'm ready, I'm just tired.

I haven't played online chess in a long while.

For today and on Thursday, I pray that everything will go smooth and that all of the participants, including us, will find it useful for in their classroom teaching.

Also, I think at 2 in the afternoon the the Senate Impeachment Court will resume and the buzz is that Senator Juan Ponce Enrile and his gang will be handing out their verdict over CJ Corona case. That CJ which showed the whole world the audacity to tell everyone this:

"The Chief Justice of the Republic of the Philippines wishes to be excused."

Because of this and the happenings right after he walked off the Earth, I mean walked out of the courtroom, he now is seen by the whole world as someone who used his medical condition to be excused from cross-examination. He also has become a member of the disgraceful "WheelChair Club" with former president GMA who used the wheelchair to show everyone that  they are sick and should not be bothered by these courtroom dramas.

Jessica Sanchez losses against an American, what the hell were you guys expecting? A non-American winning a contests for Americans? Please stop this craziness. And a video came out showing who strike first in the Raymart Santiago/Claudine Barreto-Ramon Tulfo fist fight over at NAIA. It was the couple's friend wearing a pink shirt.

And while all these TeleNovela is happening and satisfying the Filipino thirst for more comedies, the Philippines is doing badly in the Scarborough Shoal, no thanks to our government who would rather satisfy the demands of our foreign investors than promote our own interest.

Grace Lee continues to hug the limelight and Lourd de Veyra's shows continue to provide the only sane show in Philippine TV.

I need to go now before I forget, call time is 8 in the morning.

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