Friday, April 20, 2012

PNoy on Scarborough Dispute

It is no longer a stand-off but bullying on the side of the Chinese government. They have sent their third vessel on the Philippine West Sea which by common sense, is an in-your-face act, a spit-on-you-face act to the Filipino people.

While people like you and me are really worried about the tension happening on our Philippine sea, PNoy thought it wise to crack up this one: "Kahit sa pitikan ng ilong talo tayo dyan".

How could a president of one country be the first one to crack a stupid statement concerning a very important issue? Can't he really say anything motivating for us Filipinos? Instead of doing a Boy Pick-up line, why not issue an official statement?

Mr. President, if you can't say anything good for the people to hear, don't speak a word. A basic rule which we all hear from our parents. Didn't you hear that from your parents? Or you were busy puffing those cigarettes in your bedroom?

And please stop treating Filipinos like we're a bunch of non-thinking individuals whose only world is enclosed in a box called the Television.

You should sire a child or children so that you become a forward-thinking person whose thoughts are on preserving this country for the next generation. But then again, you just broke up with the Korean girl named Grace.

Preserving this country for the next generation, for my children, is something really personal for me. This Scarborough shoal dispute and the rest of the Spratly Islands' our country's hope for a better, independent, economy.

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