Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cityhood for Bacoor and Imus


After years of speculation and posturing, these two municipalities from the Province of Cavite are now cities. The Man in Malacanang has signed into law the bills converting these municipalities into cities after meeting the requirements for cityhood.

These two new cities have played a major role in my life. Bacoor is were my high school Alma Mater is and Imus have been my hometown for the last twenty-one years. I've seen these two cities during the nineties when the migration of Manilenos and other Metropolitans started to pick-up.

I literally saw how the major malls of both cities were put-up. SM Bacoor was built and is currently standing in front my my high school Alma Mater, Cavite School of St. Mark while the Robinson's Place Imus was built right next to where our subdivision is.

In fact, we call Robinson's Place Imus as the "Phase 3" of Southern City Subdivision. On the spot where the mall stands was where we used to fly kites, play kiddie softball and catch dragonfly, grasshoppers and snakes (we tried!).

I was born in Makati City but I feel at home here in Imus. Imus City, the land of progressive living with strong roots and ties from the past.

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