Saturday, April 30, 2011

World News These Days

Kate Middleton found her prince and the whole world watched the Royal Wedding of the Century yesterday. The British Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton paid tribute to Princes Diana's life and memory. The engagement ring he gave his then girlfriend was his mom's engagement ring. The historic church of Westminster Abbey was the same church where the groom's parents took their oath as husband and wife. It is also the same church where Prince William walked quietly behind Princes Diana in a coffin.

More about this here. Tiring it is to type such names with title as prince and princes, not to mention baroness, baron and duke.

The Philippines' beloved Pope, John Paul II will be beatified tomorrow in Rome and again the whole world will be watching. Canonization usually has a five-year waiting period but for Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI waived this waiting period.

And in Marakkech, Morocco, a deadly cafe bombing killed nineteen people,seventeen of which are tourists. Sad news indeed for this North African Islamic country that has avoided trouble with terrorism.

In America, tornadoes and hurricanes come and go leaving behind destructions, debris and lives lost.

Here in the Philippines, volcanoes are showing some activities but I do hope these Earth-holes do not spew magma's and ashes that will ruin livestock and peoples lives.

World news these days.

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